Sculpting In Stone

Lead Artist: LeeAnn Seaburg Perry

3119 68th Ave S.W., Tumwater, WA 98512


Cradle Of The Moon Wa. Soapstone

The human figure is what LeeAnn most often finds in her stones. She studies the rock until some part of the stone’s shape or surface hints at the figure inside. The initial cut release the head from the stone. With the head identified, the lines of the body emerge.
LeeAnn is hosting two other special artist. Elayne Vogel creates one of a kind unusual adornments. Edward Coumou creates artistically appealing images of landscapes, nature, wildlife and travel.


“In progress”  Marble from Danby Vt.

Soul Mates   Marble from Danby Vt.

“Dear Have You Seen My” by Elayne Vogel

Wildlife by Edward Coumou