Coloring Out of the Lines

Lead Artist: Joanne Osband

6133 Woodard Bay Road NE, Olympia, WA 98506


Water-based oil painting & resin finish

Line, shape, and color grab my attention in most media. My camera is a constant companion and these images form the subject matter for most of my creations. Painting in watercolor and water-based oils has been the major focus over recent years. I have also been known to tear up old watercolor paintings and collage them into new creations. I believe that I dip my brush into my own soul and a part of my nature resides in each painting.

Collectors comment that my creations transport them to places of beauty and create a feeling of peace and tranquility. One patron says, “Love your vibrant colors. Your art work is a visual joy to the heart and mind. I just want to stay in your wonderland.” Another collector compares my art to a superb glass of vintage wine.

Facebook: Joanne Osband Art Studio

Two canvases; water-base oil painting

Torn watercolor paper collage painting

Torn watercolor paper collage painting

Watercolor painting