July 25, 2019

2019 went super well and now that we’ve had a first run through, we think the potential for 2020 is limitless.
We’d like to pull folks together (location TBD) to:
1. Briefly cover how 2019 went and brainstorm ideas for 2020
2. Set dates for 2020
3. Assign roles such as registrar, graphic design, promotion, etc so we can reach more folks this year.  Our break down of tasks is here.
Please feel free to let me know if you think of something we should add and start thinking about what area you’d like to be involved in.
4. Whatever else needs doing.
Please fill out this doodle poll by July 31 and we will go with the time that has the most availability.
If you can’t make it to this first meeting, but would like to be a core organizer, please reach out and let me know which area you are interested in working on and we will make it happen:)
Additionally, please feel free to share this doodle poll with anyone you think may be interested!
Thanks and looking forward to seeing you all!
nicole and Hart

March 9, 2019

You can now officially find us at southsoundstudiotour.com!

2.28.19 Update

Registration is closed and we have a grand total of 26 studios and even more artists involved.  We are now working on organizing all the info and getting the map together.  Studios will be contacted soon to double check details and send images.  Special thanks to John Serembe for designing our map.

Excited to see everything come together.  Thanks to all for seeing our vision!

2.20.19 Update

Registration is now closed.  A wonderful 25 studios have signed on for the even with even more artists represented at each studio.

We are currently working on the map and will be reaching out shortly to confirm studio/artist details and to ask for images based on what our graphic designer needs  (many thanks to John Serembe for taking this on!).

Very excited!

INSURANCE INFO (just want to put this somewhere everyone can find it.)
Insurance is not required to participate but we recommend checking with your home owners or renter’s insurance and deciding if you’d like to invest in it for the day.  A reminder that business activity in the space, even perceived business activity, could affect what’s covered in the unfortunate and unlikely case of someone having an accident on your property.  We have identified a source for temporary event insurance. Www.eventhelper.com will insure your event/location for up to 50 people for one day, event type is “art show” and this is a 1 million dollar policy.  This is different than show or vendor insurance which will not cover you for this type of event.

1/10/19 Update:

Registration is live!  Deadline to register and pay is February 15, 2019.  Spread the word!

Thursday September 13, 2018
Thanks to Hart for the awesome notes.

1) changing website to southpugetstudiotour.wordpress.com, make FB Page
2) sending everyone new website/contact info
3) date for next meeting, Nov 9th, at 7:00. unless changes need to be made.
a) discuss maps and outline. b) discuss signage c) discuss possible teaming up of artists for on site assistance during tour. d) delivery of posters and maps across area
4) setting dates for tour date. checking with Diana Fairbanks and…on possible conflicts.
5) adding an after party (primarily) for artists to tour activities. should have a summation meeting included with party.
6) tour maps, possibly designed by John Serembe (per Lynette S). begin outlining maps at next meeting.
7) make tour map interactive with beads, yarn, etc
8) printed material done in January
9) info in Arts Digest
10) ad in Oly Arts (?)
11) hopefully, getting Stephanie Johnson on board with her knowledge of organizing and with the government
12) Printing options. Zine would be very affordable, need to research printing options.
13) How to cover costs? All artists kick in $10-15?

Nov 9th, at 7:00
Location TBA


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